Enjoy our parks in every season…

Fall Color Tour

Fall Color TourJoin us October 19th for the Oshtemo Fall Color Tour! Tour both the historic Drake House and Grange Hall Special appearance by the Oshtemo Fire Department Color [more]

Oshtemo Friends of the Parks Fundraise to “Pave the Trail” at Flesher Field!

Oshtemo Friends of the Parks Fundraise to “Pave the Trail” at Flesher Field!Please join us in improving our parks! Your tax deductible contribution is needed to help “Pave the Trail” at Flesher Field. Contributors of $25 or more will be [more]

Spruce up the Park!

Spruce up the Park!The next time you visit Township Park, look for six artistically painted trash cans. Each one is unique and adds a splash of color to our recently upgraded park. [more]

Sunburst 13

Sunburst 13What a nice group of people we enjoyed this morning at the Sunburst! The children were so darn cute. [more]

Winter in the Park

Winter in the ParkThe parks are beautiful in the winter. [more]

Buy a Park Bench

Buy a Park BenchSupport our parks by buying a park bench. This is a great way to honor the memory of a loved one forever. [more]

Mission Statement

The mission of the citizen volunteers of Oshtemo Friends of the Parks is to promote the expanded stewardship and preservation of natural features within the community, to further the development and maintenance of existing and future parks in keeping with adopted park plans, and to effectively advocate Township parks as community resources for all to enjoy.

Where does the Oshtemo Friends of the Parks Fit into the Township Structure?

The group was created by the Township board of Trustees by resolution recognizing the need to use the volunteerism and philanthropy of residents and businesses to further the quality of life in the township via parks.

Enriching the Oshtemo Community Park Experience

Every town needs parks. Public green spaces are crucial to a community’s health, providing a location for recreational activities, a family get-together, or simply a peaceful walk in the woods. With that in mind, Oshtemo Friends of the Park (OFP) was created to maintain the high quality of the township’s parks. A non-profit 501C3 organization, OFP is comprised of residents who volunteer their time through service projects, special events, educational activities and community relations.

Partnership with the Consumer Sunburst Run helps connect our community and benefit our parks with proceeds designated for park activities and improvement. Dedication to finding creative sources for park funding make it possible for every citizen to enjoy the following locations:

Township Park – 7275 West Main Street
Flesher Field – 3664 South 9th Street
Old town Hall – 10 South 8th Street
Oshtemo Community Center – 6407 Parkview Avenue
Grange Hall – 3234 North 3rd Street
Drake House – 927 North Road

Park Hours

Sunrise to one half hour after sunset